Wireless Keypads


Control4 Keypads provide a stunning interface for your Control4 Smart Home system, combining flexible button configuration with beautiful aesthetics to complement the decor of your home. With the simple press of a button, you can activate a scene, allowing events to happen simultaneously.


  1. Can be configured with two to seven custom-engraved, LED backlit buttons, using five different button sizes, for a total of 38 possible configurations.
  2. Mix-and-match engraved buttons and sleek, screwless faceplates with 12 stylish colors and gloss and satin finishes.
  3. Available in 120V, 240V, or 277V.
  4. Buttons allow for quick control of your favorite scenes. For example, a "Goodnight" button can be configured to shut off all the lights, lock the doors and arm the alarm, all at once.

Decora Wireless Configurable Keypad 

An elegant and customizable user interface that unlocks the power of one-touch automation, enabling control of lighting, plus control of audio, video, security, climate and more.


Wireless Keypad Dimmer

This is basically the Adaptive Phase Dimmer melded to a Configurable Keypad. Can be hard-wired to a lighting load. Incandescent; Halogen; Electronic (Solid State) Low Voltage (ELV) Transformers, Magnetic (Iron Core, Inductive) Low Voltage (MLV) Transformers; Phase-Dimmable Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, and LED's. Can design custom button layouts.


Auxiliary Keypad

An economical solution for three-way control of a lighting load using existing in-wall three-way wiring to wire directly to any compatible Control4 Dimmer, Switch, or Fan-Speed Controller.